1940 Harley-Davidson GDT Model Servi-Car Trike - SOLD!


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Update: This trike has been sold.

This is a 1940 Harley-Davidson GDT Model Servi-Car that started life as a garage assistant. In 1933, the GDT, with large box and tow bar, was added to the G-line. The Servi-Car was designed during the Great Depression when Harley-Davidson was desperate to expand its product base to increase sales. Targeted at the automotive service industry, the vehicle was designed to be towed behind a car to be delivered to a customer; when the car was delivered at its destination, the driver would unhitch the Servi-Car and ride back to the garage. For this reason, it was available with a tow bar at the front.

In addition to its intended use for car delivery and retrieval, the Servi-Car was also popular as a utility vehicle for small businesses and mobile vendors. They proved to be particularly popular with the police departments, some of which still used Servi-Cars into the 1990s.

This was a 2-3 year project taken on by the owner who has passed away. Finishing touches were made in 2011 and it was started once. The owner was handicapped and didn’t have the ability to kick-start the motorcycle so the fluid were drained and it became his museum piece. It would take a couple hours to prepare to start but that is totally the responsibility of the buyer. As seen in the pictures it has the original mechanical brakes and Tow Bar that is not pictured.

The family of the owner has asked me to find it a suitable home.

Please don’t waste my time with questions like ‘ how much will you take ?’ or ‘can I ride it ?’.

The paint is the Original Motor Company colors and the paint work itself was over $6,000.00. All of the nuts and bolts were OEM type and carefully selected to be Original..

From 1932 until 1941, Harley Servi-cars had either a small or large steel cargo box. In 1942, these were replaced with an one intermediate-sized steel box and was fitted on all Harley trikes until 1966. From 1967 to 1973, a fiberglass box was used. The cargo box in the picture is original and has been hand-straightened to be almost perfect.

Right now it is purely a ‘MUSEUM PIECE’ . ASKING $22,500.00 OBO

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