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Many Lehman Trike owners are having difficulty when contacting Lehman Trikes for needed parts and or part numbers, answer to maintenance questions and general information on their particular Lehman Trike. Since Lehman Trikes is now under new ownership and many of the old employees have left, there is a lot of information that left as well. Many of the models prior to 2012 are unknown to the existing Lehman company representatives, under supported and therefor the understanding of particular parts for these models is also unsupported.

Prior to 2012, Lehman had upward of 18,000 trike units in service. M&J realized early on that there was going to be an issue with replacement parts, in particular wear related parts, so we embarked on a special section of our website particularly dedicated for those wear related parts. Over two years of research and contacting vendors has been invested so that you, the Lehman customer, have a place to get these obsolete and dis-continued parts.

M&J Motor Co has been a Lehman Dealer since 1998 and have serviced and re-built models that date back to the mid-1980's. We also have a number of Genuine Lehman Factory wear related new parts for these older dis-continued models as well as parts for the current production models.

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