Do It Yourself DIY Trikes

So, you want to build your own trike.  A machine that you can really call your own. Something to be proud of and give you a true sense of personal accomplishment. Well we can offer you the basic components for certain model motorcycles to make those dreams come true and you can build your trike like you want it, and make it affordable too.

For Harley-Davidson models, individual components are available. If you have the slightest mechanical ability, you can build your own and stop talking about it. You can be riding a trike you built.

Do-It-Yourself Trike Conversion Kits

Complete Conversion Packages Available

Please Contact us for a specific quote or to request additional information.


If you are finding it financially inconvenient to have a trike built and want to build it a little at a time, we may have the components to get you on your way. M&J Motors has swingarms and axle assemblies for chain-drive and belt-drive Harley Davidson models of Sportster, DYNA, FXR, FLST, FXST and FLH-FLT. All you need to add is rear wheels and tires and you’re ready to go.

DYNA Swingarm FLH FLT DYNA Swingarm FLSTDNA Axles  

These components are easily installed. You can convert your two wheeled motorcycle into a real 3 wheeled trike in an afternoon with some help. Please call or Contact us for pricing.

M&J MOTOR COMPANY as an authorized dealer proudly offers the Power Arm Suspension to those concerned riders seeking an improvement of the ride quality and investment in their existing Harley Davidson Tri-Glide.

M&J Motor Power Arm Independent Suspension for Harley Tri-Glide

The Power Arm Suspension kit provides a unique upgrade to Tri-Glide.

The Power Arm Suspension improves the overall ride and handling, through the implementation of fully independent suspension, without any change to the outward appearance of the trike nor the extra expense of replacing the stock differential, reverse, brake calipers and drive belt.



The images below are NEW calipers with NEW brake pads, not re-manufactured or rebuilt, NEW rotors, and NEW hardware. Instructions will be supplied specific to your model of trike.

I would need the specific model of motorcycle and trike conversion to assemble the kit since there are many configurations of Lehman Trikes over the past 30 years.

M&J Motor Drum Brake to Disk Brake Conversion

M&J Motor Drum Brake to Disk Brake Conversion

The following is a partial list motorcycles and conversions:

Honda models of GL1000 Tour, GL1100 Tour, GL1500 Tour, Shadow 1100 Sport or Tour GL1500 Commander, GL1500 GTL and the GL1800 Monarch I.

Harley-Davidson models of Sportster Bandit, Rogue and Raider, Dynas Renegade, FLST & FXST Renegade, Rogue and Bandit and FLT-FLH Renegade, Rogue, Bandit and Tour.

Suzuki or Boulevard model of C-50 Gypsy, Romani, Tramp, C-90 Jackal, Intruder 800 Hobo, Intruder 1400 Vagabond.