Disability Aids

Enhancements for Riders with Disabilities

If you desire to ride a motorcycle where modifications are needed, M&J Motor Company will do the engineering and fabrication so that you can fulfil that desire.

There are a lot of people with disabilities who wish to ride. Some disabilities make it almost impossible to operate a Trike Conversion, much less a motorcycle.

M & J Motor Company specializes in disability aids and can fabricate and modify controls to facilitate these disabled motorcyclists.

The Blue Marble?

In 1999, a customer of ours had a serious accident involving the loss of an extremity. Undaunted by this peril she still wanted to ride a motorcycle. She was now in the market for a Trike, but not just any trike, a Lehman.

She brought a blue marble to our shop, and holding it up against the light, she said, “You see that……I want it to look just like that!”. After a year of painstaking planning, and matching the custom Marble, she now rides her 2002 1200 Sportster XL Lehman Bandit Blue Marble with electric shift.

She is shown here with her Trike at a Motorcycle Show, and she still will not tell you the name of the color.

Customer with Blue Marble

There are various control concepts on the market that can be adapted and utilized on a Motorcycle or Trike Conversion.

The Blue Duece

Blue Deuce Modified Right Handlebar

This person had a stroke and lost all use of his left arm. A velcro glove kept his left hand on the bar. Note the absence of levers and controls. This rider has no use of left arm so controls have been moved to the right bar.

Electric shift and Reverse Units are offered by several manufacturers and precisely installed by M & J Motor Company.

Kliktronic Electric Shifter Softail

Kliktronic Electric Shifter – As components became available, we readily adapted them when and where needed. The Electronic Shifter works well for those with limited foot or hand movement. makes a quick and positive gear change and can be used without the clutch.

Dual Master Brake Cylinder

Dual Master Brake Cylinder– Since so much was happening on the right side of the handlebar, we built a second mastercylinder to foot operate the front brake. It had an adjustable bar to change application pressure.

Foot Clutch Deuce

Foot Clutch Deuce – Since rider was unable to use their left arm, and the auto-clutch hadn’t become available, we fashioned a foot clutch for his use. As hard as it is to believe, nobody ever noticed the modifications without them being pointed out.

Reverse Gear on a Softail

Reverse Gear on a Softail – This is the 5-speed reverse gear from Champion. The mechanical reverse relies on engine power instead of your electrical system.

Electric Shifter Indian

Electric Shifter Indian– This was an earlier version of an electric shifter. Built in 1998 prior to the advent of Kliktronic or Pingel.

Foot Clutch on the Romani

Foot Clutch on the Romani – This example was built for a person with limited use of their left arm. The addition of an electronic shifter with the foot clutch helped this person ride his trike over 35,000 trouble free miles.

Electric Shift Romani

Electric Shift Romani

 Electric Shifter for Sportster

Electric Shifter for

Kliktronic Shifter for Volusia

Kliktronic Shifter for Volusia