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Dealer Spotlight – 2/28/2007

Pride of the Panhandle – M & J Motor Company

by Steve Lietz

In 1998, Jim and Janet White of Martinsburg, West Virginia had an inspiration: to start a business transforming
ordinary two-wheeled motorcycles into Kings of the Three World and becoming a Lehman Trike dealer.
It wasn’t too long after that when Jim Murphy joined the team. M & J Motor Company was on its
way to becoming the leading trike conversion company in the West Virginia Panhandle Region, bringing a unique
blend of salesmanship and artistry to an important segment of the motorcycling scene.

They started out in a small garage and then moved into the present location with 6,500 square feet of showroom and shop space.
Jim and Jimmy bring life to beautiful machines with a demand for perfection and an eye on value.
The resulting product is worthy of praise and pride that will provide the owner with many miles of worry-free riding comfort.
Together, the two Jims, continued to build the business and began to renovate an abandoned garage around the growing venture.
The building is located on Queen Street in Martinsburg, West Virginia and now houses the Tier II Lehman dealership.

M & J Motor Company is more than a Lehman dealership, it is a place where trike people come to seek information,
upgrades, and share in the kindness and wisdom of Jim and Jimmy’s vast knowledge and dedication. They satisfy the customers unique
needs with flair and style. Each trike is handled with the utmost of care, as if it were to be converted for their personal use.
High standards and a personal demand for nothing less than the best for the customer gives each individual considering a trike,
all the guarantee he/she will need in trusting this investment to M & J Motor Company.

Customer satisfaction is number one at M & J Motor Company. Customers who enter the store are not the only concern of this dynamic duo.
Jim and Jimmy are frequently on the phone giving free advice to individuals about their bikes or trikes.
Jim’s goal is to make the trike as perfect as possible before it leaves the shop.

Each trike is an individual work of art, adapted to the needs of the individual rider. Individuals with unique needs will find a
welcoming and resourceful shop where the trike is adapted to meet the highest in safety standards and utility. Adaptation of
controls is a specialty at M & J. They have restored the ability of many individuals to once again enjoy freedom of the
open road on a motorcycle.

Whether it is a turn key trike straight from the Lehman factory, a conversion of someone’s personal motorcycle,
renovation of an older trike, or a new conversion created by Jim and Jimmy, you can be sure you are getting the best product.
You will enjoy many happy miles and memories motoring down the road.

Dropping by the Queen Street location to inquire about a trike and other products sold by M & J, one quickly
acquires the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision. One learns that a Lehman trike and Jim Murphy’s craftsmanship
are a winning combination. The customer care and dedication to producing a quality product at a fair price is the main concern of
the entire staff at M &J Motor Company.

If you want to meet two of the crabbiest, most competent and sarcastic men ever to ride a motorcycle,
come to Martinsburg, West Virginia. Come into M & J Motor Company and take a ride with us. You will find a welcoming environment
in which to express yourself in the World of Threedom.

M & J Trikes Showroom-Technicians

Dealer Applaws – 7/1/2004
Dream Makers

by Julius E. "J" Jones

Everyone has dreams – whether they have been filled, unfulfilled, or about to be achieved. Since returning from Vietnam and with t
he creation of the annual "Ride to the Wall" by Rolling Thunder, Inc., I have had the dream of someday being able to make that ride.
As I aged through my fifties and now into my sixties, that dream appeared to be fading. That is, until I met the "Dream Makers"
at M & J Motor Company, LLC in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Having never ridden on a motorcycle, I really did not know where to begin. M & J was a great beginning point.
First, I was surprised when a call to M & J was actually answered by a human voice – a rarity in today’s world of automatic
phone responses. Jim Murphy took the time to fill me in on trike conversions and encouraged me to visit his operation.
So the short trip became a no-brainer.

Jim took the time to show me around his facility and explain conversions of various motorcycles.
He offered several options to configure a trike to make my dreams come true. He suggested contacting several dealerships
and offered questions to be raised once I decided upon a dealer. Jim assisted me in the delivery from the dealership to his operation.
During the conversion process, Jim sent me photos of the process and encouraged me to visit during the conversion. Once completed,
he delivered my pride to me and provided a thorough orientation. Later he checked back to be sure that I was problem-free.

Now several months later, I can appreciate the quality of his workmanship. The attention to detail and the artistry of his work has
created a tremendous sense of pride and comfort. I now am looking forward to fulfilling this dream.
And my gratitude will always rest with Jim and the "Dream Makers" at M &J Motor Company in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Julius E. "J" Jones

Triker Writes 1 – 6/30/2006

In the Wind Again

by Jim Parrish

Near the end of 2003 I had completed my second year of thoroughly enjoying the riding experiences on my latest "ride",
a 2002 HD Dyna Low Rider. By the end of the year my future riding expectations changed dramatically. On December 2nd I suffered a stroke.

After five months of therapy and hard work I had recovered to the point that I started thinking about riding again.
However, my whole right side was still weak and my balance was a little off kilter. In spite of my optimism regarding a full recovery
I had to sit out the 2004 riding season. By the end of 2004 I had made good progress on the road to recovery but because of lingering
problems I did not feel fully comfortable with the idea of getting back on two wheels. With encouragement and support
from my wife and my best friend/riding buddy Dick I started looking at three-wheeling.

It wasn’t long before I realized that a trike would be a very practical option to resolving my strength and balance issues and
that a Lehman conversion was the only way to go. So, I sold the Low Rider and bought a Sportster (there were good reasons for this
course of action) and had the Sporty converted with a Bandit kit. Fortunately, I had easy access to a local authorized dealer, M & J Motor Company
in Martinsburg, WV. They did a good job of converting and then gave me enough personal attention to get me to the point of
understanding the differences in handling between two wheels and three.

I started my new riding experiences on the trike in March 2005 and within a short time I was sold on the fun of three-wheeling.
I feel safe, the ride is comfortable and I can keep up with "the pack" with no problems on interstate or country roads.
In fact, the trike out-corners the two-wheelers in tight turns!

Thank you Lehman for giving me the opportunity to pursue my passion for riding in the face of my physical limitations.
You have given me the ability to be "in the wind" again.

Jiim Parrish

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